Just starting out and need a website to get you going? No worries, we can help. 



Want to sell products to the mass through an online store? Our team are experts in this. 



API integration is tricky. Luckily, our team have years of experience in this exact field. 



If you are looking to get an APP Developed, then HC Media Consultancy might have the answer. 



All websites that we design and build are mobile optimised as standard. 



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HC Media Consultancy is an Essex Based Website Design Agency that specializes in getting your brand, in front of your customers in a way that is going get the traffic to convert into sales. 


Whether you are a new company looking for a budget website to start you on your entrepreneurial journey, or an established e-commerce business that needs the website to talk to the CRM which holds the products, HC Media have a solution that will fit your budget and add value to your business. 

The Benefits of Web Design


Famously, good design goes unnoticed; it’s when visitors notice something negative about how a website’s designed that they’ve recognized a problem. Even the smallest errors will drive traffic away.


That’s, of course, in stark contrast to the benefits of good web design can lead to an exponential growth in online business. The best websites know to aim for trustworthiness, easy navigation, and responsive design - the more these three factors play into your website’s design, the more users are likely to stay on your page.



Research into online purchases concluded that ‘trustworthiness’ is the key factor that decides online sales, with consumers less likely to stay on a website if they deem it to be untrustworthy.


The content on these sites is part of the issue - that’s why you’ll see links to external sites and reviews or endorsements displayed prominently on good web pages - but user mistrust is linked to an astonishing 94% to poor design elements.


That’s according to a Joseph Putnam study published in Forbes. It’s professional, clean design offered by professionals that will gain priceless trust while elements such as pop-ups, complex layouts, slow load times and colorless designs erode at the trust that gets you sales.

Easy Navigation


As an extension of professional design, well-designed pages will get users from the home page to their desired destination in three clicks or less, in three seconds or less. Any more clicks or time and you’re losing business.


As users navigate through a web page, it’s crucial that they are aware of where they’ve been on the site and where they’re going. Likewise, maintaining brand and stylistic consistency throughout users’ navigation experience contributes to trust and a sense that consumers ‘have their bearings’ on your site.

Responsive Design


Responsive design adapts your web page to be shown clearly and cleanly on phones and tablets. Half a decade ago, when smartphones appeared to be becoming ubiquitous, much was made of the importance of responsive design.


In 2018, when mobile internet use in the UK has overtaken PC internet use, web pages that do not utilise responsive design are sacrificing over half of the total web traffic in the US.



These three key components - navigability, trustworthiness and responsiveness to different platforms - are the areas in which good web design will benefit your company.

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