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Authority Building Campaigns


Historically SEO has had some issues with what became known as “Black Hat” tactics. Where White Hat SEO processes are used to do things the right way. To improve user experience and better your website for the benefit of visitors. Black Hat SEO is about deploying tactics that are used to try and deceive Google’s algorithm in order to increase your ranking. In the early days, this was done with a lot of keyword stuffing. As technology has advanced and got smarter and Google have become more aware of these tactics, they found ways to penalize websites that used Black Hat SEO.

Unfortunately, one of the areas of SEO that is still a little open to Black Hat tactics is Authority Building. You may not even know that the company you have been working with are using these tactics until it is too late. Any reputable digital marketing company will show you the backlinks they are putting out for you if they won’t then stop using them and get in touch with us today!


What is Authority Building?

Every website is given an authority score. It is based around how trusted the website is, how relevant it is to the topic it declares it is about, and how well it covers user experience. A new website has a low score because it hasn’t had time to generate a score and Google has very little information to go on in order to score it. A website that has been running a while and does things correctly, following White Hat SEO, will score highly.

Authority Building is about increasing the authority score of your website. Over time it should increase, providing you don’t resort to Black Hat tactics, but this takes a lot of time. So, part of your long-term marketing strategy should be about waiting for your authority score to improve.


Can you increase your Authority Score?

Yes, you can. But you need to be careful. It is difficult to do this on your own and so you need a company to help with improving your score. What you need is an Authority Building Campaign. There are several ways that you can help increase your score and having a high authority score means that you will rank higher in search engine results pages. You really are best off speaking to a digital marketing agency to help with this and make sure it is done correctly, otherwise, you could find that you receive a Google Penalty and require a Google Penalty Recovery service.


What is involved in an Authority Building Campaign?

There are a few things that we look at for this. A lot of people think that it is all about backlinks, which we will look at shortly, but it requires more work than that. Your content needs to be relevant to the subject matter the page and website are about. You could look at spending time sorting the content yourself, but we offer this as part of our SEO services, content marketing is very important these days for SEO and especially Local SEO. Therefore, content is part of an authority building campaign. Backlinks are also a huge part of an authority building campaign and we also look at these.

What content marketing do you look at?

Blog posts are one of the largest areas of content marketing and this is something we look at. We encourage our clients to do their own blog for many reasons to help with SEO and increasing their authority score is one of those reasons. It shows search engines that you know what you are talking about and, providing that the content is on topic, it helps show your website has a lot of information about a subject that consumers can search for. Social Media marketing can play a part, but we look at this separately because it is very much another marketing channel.

What are backlinks?

One of the best ways to help improve your score is to have other trusted websites link back to your website. If you are looking for a recommendation for a restaurant and you get two recommendations, one from a friend that works in a kitchen and the other from a stranger. Who will you trust more? Backlinks work in a similar way. Only search engines need to work out who they trust (who the friends are) and who are the strangers.


Can’t I just start a blog myself to improve my authority score?

You can certainly start a blog to help but it will take time to help increase your score. This is far more than just producing a piece of content. When we talk about blogging it is not always about adding blog posts to your blog. It could be other blogs that we can get talking about you or a blog that we want to guest post on to get links pointing to your website.


What can you offer that I can’t do myself?

SEO professionals understand that you need to spend time building a relationship with reputable companies that offer backlinks that will not damage your authority score. We mentioned early one that Black Hat tactics can crop up in authority building. If you buy backlinks from someone and they just start adding links to your website on multiple websites and blogs, this could significantly damage your authority score. You need to follow a lot of best practices to get good backlinks. We have already done this work and have connections with some incredible businesses that provide genuine backlinks that help improve scores. We also check every backlink before it goes live to make sure we are happy with it, that it will help you, and that it is going to benefit your authority score!


How important is Authority Building?

Hugely! We cannot stress just how important it is. So many SEO companies ignore this part of SEO but in order to really get the most out of SEO campaigns, you need to look at increasing your score. Some of you may have been to one of the events that we have spoken at, or you may have read on our website, and seen us refer to Google and other search engines, as a modern-day librarian. Think about how we found information in the past. You went to a library and asked for a book on a specific topic. The librarian then went off to find the book that was based on that topic, that had the most relevant information, was the easiest to find, and that the most people had said: “This book is great for anyone wanting information on this topic”. Google works in a similar format when returning websites to people who are searching for a subject matter. Your website’s authority score is the recommendations other people are making about how good and how relevant your website is. If you do not have a good authority score, then Google will not return your website very high up the search engine results page (SERP). Improving your score by allowing us to run an Authority Building Campaign means that your website moves up those rankings and this provides more opportunities for potential customers to visit your website.


Why should I use HC Media?

As we have already mentioned, you need to work with a digital marketing agency that does this the right way. Our experience, knowledge, and our relationships with White Hat SEO companies means that we only offer backlinks that will improve your authority score. Not only do we personally check every single backlink, before it goes live, but we also show you the backlinks. You will be given the URL to each one so that you can check it and see what we are doing for you. All backlinks need to be done in a format and must follow a set of guidelines, we know exactly what these are and only deliver working authority building links.

Part of our strategy focuses on understanding how to run authority building campaigns. You cannot just go and get 50-100 backlinks in one month and sit back. SEO is always an ongoing process and the more natural it appears to search engines, the better. Spending time on a link building campaign is a must and we will always explain to our clients that SEO will take a lot of time. We introduce backlinks over a period of time and in volumes of links that will benefit your business and not cause Google to investigate you for appearing to be trying Black Hat SEO tactics.





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