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Google Certified PPC Agency in Essex 


HCMedia Consultancy are a Google Certified PPC Agency based in the historic town of Colchester in Essex. We manage numerous Pay Per Click campaigns for both small businesses and national brands, with great success in all types of industry sectors. 


Not only are we a fully fledged PPC Agency, we also teach our marketing techniques to you, so you have a better understanding of the digital landscape. This all starts with one of our free PPC Audits, to see where you currently stand within the digital space. This is completely free, and we will not give prices until we understand what it takes to achieve success within your PPC campaigns 


Within this PPC Audit, you will gain knowledge of;



  1. Wasted Spend 

  2. Quality Score 

  3. Click-Through Rate (CTR) 

  4. Account Activity 

  5. Long-Tail Keyword Optimization 

  6. Ad Text Optimization 

  7. Landing Page Optimization 

  8. PPC Best Practices 



Many business owners place more importance on PPC strategy than they do on SEO, and that comes down to the need to have more control over their marketing budget. This is because with PPC advertising you only pay when someone clicks on your promoted advert, meaning those with an eye to budgeting are better able to assess a final ROI much more quickly. While SEO can be a long process, PPC can offer immediate returns, driving consumers to your site and (as long as you have targeted your key customers) increasing your conversion rates. Whether you opt to use Google AdWords, Facebook, or any of the many PPC options available, making the best use of PPC marketing can offer significant benefits to your bottom line.


As well as the profit-making potential, using PPC also allows you to easily manage your marketing budget, as it gives you total control on how much you spend and how often. Due to the fact that you only pay for your advert when a customer clicks on it, you also get a targeted marketing campaign that eradicates the need for more broader, traditional, catch-all advertising.



Unfortunately, it is far too common to see businesses focus on either PPC or SEO, but the truth is that by utilizing both tools, you stand a much better chance of increasing your online visibility. While SEO is an incredibly useful way to grow your business organically, PPC offers much more control when utilized well. The main difference between SEO and PPC then is speed, and it does not take long to set up a new PPC campaign that makes the most of your budget and offers a faster ROI. PPC campaigns can be set up within an hour, and with up to 50% of users making use of paid-for search engine results, it’s clear why even the largest of businesses maintain their PPC strategy. The potential for increased visibility in an age of digital consumerism is vital for your businesses longevity, and by optimizing the use of both PPC and SEO tools, you are making the biggest impact that you can on the digital landscape.


With your PPC campaign able to define who sees your advert based on gender, age, interests, and geography, it’s obvious just why it has become one of the fastest growing marketing strategies in modern business. No matter your industry sector or the size of your business, the technology is available to all, and you can benefit from it. Making the most of these online tools can make a serious difference to your bottom-line, and it is in your best interests to explore the potential of PPC advertising.


HC Media Consultancy can ensure that your PPC Budget is pent accordingly to get the very best ROI possible. If you are looking for an Essex Based PPC Agency, then please do get in touch for a free audit.



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