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Google Maps Optimisation 


Google offers a range of free tools and here at HC Media, we encourage you to make use of many of them. However, one that we would recommend getting outside help on is with your Google Maps listing. You will need to claim your listing, we can sort most of it out for you but claiming the listing is something that must be done. Google love to know that a website is run by human beings and that there is manual input from a person. In order to help with this Google will ask for verification and require actions to be taken to show this. With a Google Maps listing when you simply claim the listing and prove that you run that business and website, it improves your relationship with Google.


What is Google Maps?

This is not a question that you hear too often these days. Most people have been using Google Maps for years now. However, you do hear it referred to as slightly different things though, especially because it has a few uses. Some will say it is a GPS and works like a Sat Nav. Others will say that it is an online map that shows you where all the shops are in any town or city. It is an interactive online atlas, and more.

Essentially Google Maps is all those things and more. Overall it is a web-based service that gives information about geographical locations around the world. One of the comments made about Google Maps showing you where all the shops are is incorrect. Google doesn’t just know where shops or businesses are unless you tell them. Just because Street View shows your business it does not mean that Google will input all your business details in for you. To make your business easier to find you want to give that information to Google so they can start to show consumers you are there.

What you need to do is think of Google Maps as something different when it comes to what it means for your business. For you, it is another way to show information about your business online. Considering Google holds around a 90% market share on search engines, it really is an important part of any marketing strategy.


What does Google Maps do?

We’ve mentioned that it offers many services and can be used in a variety of ways, but you still need to be thinking about how Google Maps can help your business. Consider it a little like free business pages for a local business. As digital marketers, we would always make sure our clients are appearing on Google Maps.

Many people think what it does is display information about a business. It is true, it does. The information can depend on how much you put on there. Typically, you will see most business owners input their physical location/business location, phone number, full business address, and type of business. Google Maps allows you to add more information than that. You can add details of your products and services. Users can put reviews of your business, hopefully, positive reviews.

What Google Maps does is give you another online channel where you can give information about your business to potential customers. It not only helps provide information about your business to people looking for your companies offering the products and services you do but also it gives people who are searching for your business an easy place to find information.

Another nice touch that you can add to your Google Map listing is photos and videos. These offer an additional factor in helping to engage potential customers and make sure that you are the business they choose.


Why is Google Maps Important?

Because Google has such a big market share it makes sense to use their tools. The more of the tools you use the more opportunities you have for Google to put your business in front of people. As Google Maps is a tool owned by Google, they place it high up the results pages. So, if your competitors are the only ones in the local area that have sorted a Google Map listing then they will be displayed ahead of you. What you need to do is not only make sure you get displayed as well; you need a company that will help optimise that listing to help put you ahead of the competition.

Google loves relevant results. When a consumer searches for something using Google then Google want to make sure the results given are the most relevant to that search. Because you never know exactly how someone is going to search, what wording they will use, then you want to make sure you are set up to cover as many search terms as possible that relate to your business.

As a local business, you want to find as many ways as possible to drive traffic to your website. Google Maps offers a channel to do this. In order to stand out against competitors, you want your listing to be unique and personalised. A good listing also increases your business trustworthiness. The more Google trust you then the more likely they are to help you out.

A huge percentage of mobile searches are for businesses or products/services in a certain area. People turn Google local. They use it to find local companies and you will have probably used Google Maps yourself to find information about local businesses. For those of you who have, you’ll know how frustrating it can be when you click a listing and it doesn’t offer much information on the business, chances are you will click ‘back’ and go to the next company. We make sure that consumers don’t do that to you. Without a Google Maps listing, that has been optimised, how many customers are you losing to the competition?


Why should I use HC Media for Google Maps Optimisation?

We are specialists in many areas of marketing and one of the foundations of HC Media is our SEO work. Google Maps Optimisation is considered part of SEO, in particular, Local SEO. The introduction of the smartphone and its convergence with numerous technologies has meant that mobile search is one of the biggest growth areas of marketing. It is only getting bigger as well. As our smartphones become smarter, our use of the internet and Google searches, while out and about, are only going to increase. This means a mobile device is one of the key things digital marketers want to focus on with any marketing strategy.

To ensure that your Google Maps listing appears above the competition you need to make sure that it is optimised. This is where we come in. The processes of optimising a listing work on similar factors to SEO. We look at your listing, as well as the competition, in order to work out how best to get you above your competitors. Google use different algorithms and systems for many of their services. Optimising your SEO is about increasing your ranking in organic search results, PPC is about optimising how well your adverts work, and Google Maps Optimisation is about making sure your map listing features as high in the map results as possible. While these do not directly crossover, for example, optimising your PPC will not improve your organic ranking, they do benefit each other in other ways. If you have checked our website out you will have seen us mention that generating traffic to your website is a key thing with any digital marketing, providing it is good quality traffic.


The more areas of your marketing that you optimise the more likely you are to be put in front of consumers searching for your business, or businesses like yours. The more you appear, the more you get clicked on and the more people come to your website. This increases the number of potential customers and therefore offers more opportunities to make the sale! As a digital marketing agency, we can get you rising the ranks and getting those visitors.

We understand the importance of making the best use of Google, after all, they are the major player in search engines, and how much this benefits your business. With Local SEO we understand how consumers use Google, whether on a PC or laptop or through their mobile device, and this means we optimise your Google Maps listing to make sure you are in the best position to be returned to consumers searching for local businesses.


I already have a Google Maps listing, can you still help?

Yes, absolutely! As this service is an optimisation campaign it normally means we are improving what is already there. If you don’t have a listing, we can set one up and optimise it from the get-go. If you have a listing already then, we will use what is there and update it to make sure you are getting the most from it. The same way we optimise websites for search engine optimisation (SEO), we can do this with your Google Maps too. For more information please get in touch with us today.





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