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Ecommerce SEO 

If you have found your way to our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) page, local SEO, or international SEO page then you should have an idea already on what SEO is. For those of you who came straight here, SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of ensuring that your website, content, and online presence is set up correctly so that it can be found by consumers. The better your SEO and website, then the more likely you are to rank higher in search engines.


The higher you are, the more organic traffic you are expected to see.


So, what is Ecommerce SEO?

Ecommerce SEO is about making sure that your online store is optimised to appear as high as possible in organic results as possible. Ecommerce sites require more work to ensure you are getting the best out of them. Ecommerce sites are websites where you can buy products and services, an online store. Part of your SEO strategy needs to be looking at how you can outrank the competition and drive traffic through to your online store. Ecommerce SEO needs you to think about optimising your website, the categories, the products, and all the technical SEO that goes with it. If you have dealt with Google Shopping before then you will have some understanding of SEO. Both focus on the use of keywords and need individual products to be optimised. The two do not cross over though. They run on different algorithms and systems so don’t help each other directly. Although, an increase in good traffic to the website from Google Shopping can benefit your SEO.


How does it work?


SEO has a lot to do with Keywords. Our SEO page explains ways to get your site working well and the importance of keywords and keyword research. Ecommerce SEO differs in that you don’t just need to make sure the pages on your site are set up and optimised, but also that the products and services are also optimised. Of course, this can take a lot of time to sort out. Ensuring that all product descriptions are investigated and optimised. There are several ways to do this but one of the things we do at HC Media is to ensure that we thoroughly research each product for the optimum target keyword. You need to understand what the search volume is for a product or service and how consumers typically search for the things you offer. SEO is not just about trying to rank high for everything. For example, if you are a new eCommerce store that sells mugs then trying to rank on page one of Google for mugs is unrealistic. But all your mugs are novelty mugs. Not only that but they are specifically aimed at offices and have slogans that refer to the different characters we all meet in offices. Trying to rank higher for ‘novelty mugs’ is again going to be difficult. However, if you focus on ‘novelty mugs for colleagues’ or ‘novelty mugs for the office’ then you are more likely to have success. These keyword phrases are known as long-tail keywords. At HC Media we understand just how important long-tail keywords are. While the search volumes for them are lower, the conversion rate is much higher. You need a digital marketing agency that can think smart on how to best promote your business.


Why is Ecommerce SEO important?

There is no better traffic than organic traffic from an organic search. Your digital marketing strategy should be looking at how best to put you in a position that increases your ranking to, therefore, attract more organic visitors. We often say that search engines are modern-day librarians. When a consumer searches for something through a search engine, that search engine explores the internet for the most relevant match. If someone is searching for “novelty mugs for the office”, but all of your product descriptions are set up for “porcelain mugs” then you do not appear to search engines as the most relevant website. Even though your entire business and eCommerce store exists to sell novelty mugs for the office. There is so much competition these days, in nearly every industry and field, that you must be doing work on your SEO in order to compete. That is why eCommerce SEO is so important. You need to work with someone who will be extra vigilant because so much needs to be optimised with an online store.





My product descriptions have been sorted but I’m still not ranking.

We speak to plenty of businesses who have had a company do SEO work for them. They re-write all the product descriptions and charge you for it. Months later and you still aren’t seeing the benefits, nor are you ranking any higher. Why is this? Well, it comes down to the fact that SEO is about far more than just making sure the wording on the website is done. Perhaps the keyword research wasn’t done and so you’re focusing on the wrong keywords. The likelihood is that the other company have just done the content for the products. This isn’t SEO. At HC Media we will also ensure that your website is set up for User Experience. There is no point driving traffic to a website that is difficult to navigate. If you get people to your website but they cannot easily move around it, they will leave! We don’t just produce content and tell you that it will work. We know that in order to get the most out of any SEO, let alone eCommerce SEO, that we need to look at the site architecture and produce work that makes the best use of internal linking. SEO is more than content marketing. Get in touch today and let HC Media do what they do best. Feel free to check out our case study for Branded Merch to see just what we are capable of.


Why won’t my eCommerce site rank?

There could be hundreds of reasons for this. We investigate every website we work on and use our sophisticated software to find all the issues causing problems for you. Some common reasons we see come down to the fact that many eCommerce websites use templates. While this helps save time in getting the site live it means that the site loses out in being unique. Your website should have unique product descriptions and category descriptions. This means that you need a unique URL, title, and meta description for each page. If all your products have their own page, you can imagine the time it takes. That time is well worth putting in! Another reason eCommerce sites struggle is that people overuse the same keyword. For example, you sell t-shirts. Each t-shirt cannot have the keyword “t-shirt”, this is known as keyword cannibalisation. Each product is unique and so the keyword should be too. It might be as simple as separating by colour “red t-shirt”, “green t-shirt”, etc. If you offer men’s and women’s t-shirts, then include that “men’s red t-shirt” and “women’s blue t-shirt”. We make sure the keywords are optimised for each product. Regularly eCommerce websites have duplicate content. You cannot simply create a description for each t-shirt and then just change the colour and think it is a unique description, search engines will spot that most of the content is the same and this negatively affects your SEO.





What else makes HC Media the right choice?

In order to optimise your website correctly, we don’t just look at product listings. We will not tell you that just changing the wording is going to improve your rankings. We know how SEO works and it cannot be done effectively by just looking at keywords. Where we know that it will require changes to the site architecture and needs improvements to offer a better user experience then we will tell you. If we know that blog posts are going to benefit your SEO then we will explain this and include it in our quote. We understand the difficulty of link building and how tough it can be to make the best use of internal linking. It isn’t about making sure you use every opportunity to link to another page or product, it must feel natural and we take great care when keyword mapping a website with internal links.


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We strongly believe that we are the best in the market at what we do. For a full-service SEO that runs all the way up to authority building campaigns, we really have you covered. Our knowledge and experience are what makes us so good. SEO is no quick fix and there are no shortcuts, if anyone promises to get you on the first page of Google or says anything that sounds too good to be true, it is! So, if that happens make sure you contact us, and we will give you an honest answer about it. There is only one way to see just what we can do to help grow your business and drive you up the Google rankings, speak to us.





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