Why we are different

Part of what makes us unique is that we are not just a digital marketing agency. I know we keep saying this, but we really mean it. In the past you regularly needed to look at employing a PR company, a marketing company, and a business consultant. We are all of these in one place.

PR and marketing have in the past been enemies! But they go hand in hand. With the increase in the importance, and the impact, of content marketing that is never truer than now. Digital marketing considers that the world of advertising has changed. When it comes to the digital world you never know where potential customers are going to come from and so you need to cover as many bases as possible. We understand this and make sure that we can offer our clients the best choices in both PR and Marketing.

How do you know we are experts? We have a keynote speaker in our mix. Our knowledge is employed by others to speak to business owners up and down the country in seminars, training events, and teaching events. We don’t just teach businesses how to deal with their marketing. We also offer services as a business consultant and can help guide your business growth in far more areas than just marketing.

Everyone should be a teacher. We see so many marketers tell businesses what they need but never offer to show how to do it or explain why it needs to be done. We are not afraid of teaching you how to deal with your own marketing. There are many situations where this can help. Business owners know that budgets are limited, we get this, and so finding a solution to help you deal with your own marketing means that you can do it the right way. When you are in a healthier position then we can take over. Perhaps you have employed someone to deal with the marketing and they have limited knowledge and experience. We can help train that member of staff to plug skills gaps and offer the tools to help them promote your brand to a higher standard.


Still not convinced we are the company to use.


Marketing, PR, Communications and Business Consultancy. These are huge industries and we know that with days, weeks, even months of research you can still feel a little unsure about who to work with, which option is best for you, what impact it can have on your business to pay for these services. You are bound to still have questions. The best way to deal with them is to ask us. Get in touch with us today and we will happily answer your questions put your mind at ease about the power of the digital world. All we ask is that we get the opportunity to convince you that HC Media is the right partner for you.

Why should I choose HC Media?

If you still aren’t convinced that we are the people to work with for all your marketing needs, then look at our work. We’ve got main clients and you can see what sort of things we’ve done for them, pick a case study and see what they say about us. We aren’t just here for digital marketing, we are web developers, we are graphic designers, we are trainers and teachers, we are business consultants, sales experts, and more.


What digital marketing should I do?

Realistically the answer to this question is, as much as possible. Did you know that every 60 seconds online, on average, there are 3.8 million Google Searches! Over £800,000 spent online! One million people logging in to Facebook!

It is estimated that over half the population of the planet have internet access. In the UK alone there are over 40 million Facebook users, that is over half the population. Around 78% of the UK population have a smartphone so it is not surprising that these days over half of all internet traffic is generated from mobile devices!

Reading the statistics, we’ve mentioned here, it should be clear why you need to look at digital marketing nowadays.

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